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Innovative Solutions to improve worker welfare.
Migrant mental health solutions since 2021
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Deep Specialization

We understand the issues, the stressors, the triggers and the solutions that workers across MEA and South Asia have.  We tailor solutions for Drivers, for Remote workers and more.

24/7 Hotline

Our 24/7 Hotline operates in 7+ languages providing emergency support in times of mental health crises


We create customised trainings for your needs, from educating workers on mental health to improving communication

Improve Safety

A large part of accidents can be prevented by improving self-care and raising awareness of mental health issues before they get out of control


Our Worker Wellbeing Programs are available in 7+ Languages reflecting the diversity of your workforce

Nutrition Coaching

Our AI-powered Nutritional coaching programs can help educate workers on better eating and hydration habits

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